Bee Swarm Caught!

A swarm in May is worth a load of hay
A swarm in June is worth a silver spoon
A swarm in July ain’t worth a fly.

I’ll have one silver spoon please!

Today I caught my first swarm. I got a call from a beekeeper friend named Tara and she told me her aunt had a swarm in her back yard. Since Tara has a newborn at home she couldn’t drop everything to go try to capture it and thought I might want to give it a try. I quickly gathered all my gear and headed North to her aunts house in Rolling Meadows. When I got there her aunt pointed out the swarm and gave me permission to do whatever I needed to get rid of it. The swarm was just about at eye level bunched up on a branch in a small shrub. It looked to be about the size of a bee package (about 3lbs or 10,000 honey bees).

It was pretty much a text book capture. I walked up to the swarm.. held a cardboard box under it and hit the branch dislodging the swarm. The entire ball fell into the box and I closed it up. DONE!

Captured bee swarm in western suburbs

Afterwards I drove home and installed the swarm into a deep I had and gave them some syrup.  The 4-H beekeeping club thought the catch looked great.  We watched them fly in and out of their new hive at the next meeting.  So if you ever need a swarm of honeybees removed in the Western suburbs, give me a shout!

Beekeeping kids in Lombard 4-H