Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is for Real

So I went to go put on the covers graciously provided by the Patels and found that two of our three colonies had collapsed.

On last check (two weeks ago) their was plenty of activity. When I notices no activity on the landing boards I took off the top covers and didn’t see any activity under the inner cover. So I fully opened the hive. After removing the first few frames I realized the hives were done. There were bees that had tried to cluster but weren’t enough numbers to generate any heat. I found the queen headfirst in a comb with no attendants or workers around her. There was plenty of pollen and honey even some capped brood but no bees. There were a few hundred on the bottom board but not enough to account for the thousands of bees I saw in my last inspection.

We’ll start over in the spring perhaps splitting Ba-bee-lonia twice.