Final Beekeeping class!

Today was the final meeting of our 4-H Beekeeping SPIN club.

We went to the hive and placed a fumeboard that had been sprayed with a substance that made the bee’s run from the super.  We all agreed that it smelled so bad we’d do whatever we needed to to get away from it to!

After about 15 minutes all the bees had cleared out of the super and we were clear to bring it into our honey-house (aka my unused garage).

We used some equipment loaned to us by Cy Kennedy who is a beekeeper I met in the last year who was a tremendous help in getting started.

With hot knife, uncapping tank and two frame honey extractor in hand, we got to work.

Special thanks to all my 4-H friends for joining me for this first year experiment.  It was a trip that took us from a package of bees and a Nucleus hive to two thriving beehives with populations that will exceed 30,000 bees by the end of the first season. Along with it we had a hive die, lost a queen in the mail and split a hive. We will continue to watch the super on Uni-matrix zero and if we get extractable homey, we’ll let you know and we can do it again. We had a great time and enjoyed meeting all of you. We will definitely be doing this again in the Spring so watch the 4-H announcements!

8/3 hive check

Ba-Bee-Lonia is Queenright!

I saw our fancy russian queen, eggs and larvae in ba-bee-lonia.  All is well but is there enough laying time to get up to strength before the winter sets in.

Tardis – Honey super is filling up.  Not sure if I should add the queen excluder or not.  From what I’ve read the bees will stop building comb if the excluder in.  They still have a lot to build out.  Didn’t spot the queen but everything looks ok.

Unimatrix Zero.  Doing well – didn’t spot the queen but the hive looked fine.

Defiantly crank the audio!