We did our queen check yesterday and she didn’t make it!

About half of the candy plug in the queen cage was missing and she was dead in the bottom. So we ordered another queen from fastbees.net which we should have on the 29th at the latest. The queen is dead.. God save the queen

Busy Little Bee

I’ve tried to stay away from the hive and to just leave them bee but I went to have a peek the other day and saw tremendous amounts of activity around the hive. When I first arrived I saw that there was one lone guard bee watching the entrance to the hive. She was making just about everyone check in before they were allowed to pass. I opened the top feeder to peek in and there were TONS of bees drinking syrup.

We’re going to do a hive check tomorrow to see if the queen was released. I better make a fresh batch of syrup because it looks like they’ll go through a gallon pretty quickly!


The Girls Have Arrived!

Me and the boys hit the road at 6:30 this morning to drive downstate to pick up our 3lb package of bees. We occupied ourselves during the 6 hours of driving (3 hours each way) listening to books on tape and the Ramones.  We got back in time to get setup for our 4-H club and discuss the types of bees (queens, workers and drones).  We talked about how there wasn’t any nectar flow yet so we’d need to feed the bees “syrup”.  So we thought it would be interesting to have a taste of what the bees were going to eat.  Most found it yummy.  We also tasted a few types of flavored honey that Cy Kennedy had given me.  Then it was time to play with the bees!!


Checking the queen

Pouring in the subjects

The only thing missing are Apes

The boys and I finished the area that will become the new Gordon’s Farm Apiary.  We grabbed shovel’s rakes and a chainsaw and went to town.  We dropped wood chips around the sides and rear of where the hives will be and threw down wildflower seed all around the area in front of the hives

We’re scheduled to pick up the bees on 4/20/13 (next Saturday).  If it’s a nice day we’ll install them!

photo2 photo1

All Set

Today we did our final preparations for the arrival of “the girls”.  Our 4-H beekeeping club met and we went over all of the hive parts and the tools needed for beekeeping.  The highlight was a tie between playing with the smokers and eating some comb honey.

Bee Hive High Five

Bee Hive High Five


Da bad beekeeper

Fun Fun Fun