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Locally produced wildflower honey. This local honey was from late fall and extracted at the end of May. It is a beautiful dark amber color and much thicker than our Spring/Summer honey. See the product description below for just about everything you’d want to know about our honey.

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Local Honey
Glen Ellyn


Why do different local honey varieties have different colors and tastes?
No two nectar sources have the same chemistry. They have different combinations of sugars, minerals and enzymes. For example, very dark honeys, such as buckwheat or tulip poplar, have a high mineral content. Light honey, which is lower in minerals, is usually milder in taste.

What is raw honey?
Raw honey is honey that has not been pasteurized or finely filtered.

Do you filter your honey?
We use a coarse filter on our honey to remove wax etc, but do not fine filter our honey.

Is eating honey good for my allergies?
It has been reported that eating local honey helps with allergies, but recent studies in Great Britain have shown that eating raw honey from anywhere helps even more.  Anecdotally, my boys allergy symptoms always seem to get better after a teaspoon a day for two or three days.  Nothing scientific here.. just sayin’

What is Local honey

Local honey is defined as anything from 5 to 100 miles.  I guess this depends on how big the operation is of the person selling it.  We’ve always stuck with 10 miles as a rule of thumb.

I believe! So Is Gordon’s Farm Local?
Here is the local footprint for this jar of honey

How much would I have to eat?

For allergies eat a small spoonful once or twice a day for around two months then less to maintain acquired health. You can also spread on your favorite foods. It can also be used as a sugar substitute and in food or drinks for kids and adults, but heating raw honey over 93o diminishes its healthy enzymes.

A Source of Antioxidants
Honey is a source of antioxidants (like fruits and vegetables); substances scientists are finding help the body protect itself against some serious diseases. Honey adds to a long, healthy life.

A Bacteria Inhibitor
Honey can play a role in inhibiting bacteria by acting as a natural barrier and may also promote healing. Therefore, it can be used on minor scrapes and burns. This older natural approach is resurfacing and it is easy to have honey on hand. (Honey is not an ingested antibiotic replacement.)

An Energy Boost
Honey’s natural mixture of simple sugars is a unique combination that may help in boosting sagging energy levels and help athletic performance.

A Source of Valuable Nutrients
Honey includes a variety of nutrients in trace amounts, including amino acids and a variety of vitamins and minerals, all important to good health.