7/20 hive check

The 4-H’ers came out and we checked the two remaining hives (Ba-bee-lonia was moved to a different location away from the strong hives). We saw lots of brood and tons of stored honey and pollen. We didn’t see the queen in Tardis but saw eggs and larvae so we’re sure she’s ok. They still haven’t started on the honey supers but hopefully we’ll get a frame or two.

Unimatrix zero was just as strong but the bees have done a lot of work in the medium super. Nothing capped but lots of uncapped honey. We actually spotted the queen in the deep super!! In the weeks we’ve had the hive, this was the first sighting.

The class’s overall luck is holding. So far the only person to get stung is me!

On a overall “farming update”. We’ve brought in a bunch of peppers and the tomatoes are going nuts. Neighbor Chris D. Came over with some fresh eggs from his chickens. Totally yummy awesome. Farming rocks.