Hive Check 7/7

Checked the hives after being away for a week in Spokane Washington to visit Grandma.

Our goal for this hive check was to check the overall health and to see if we were going to be able to add honey supers to the hives.

Amazingly there are still bees but won’t be for long.  The goal is to get them to build out as much comb as possible so we can either do a spring split or just install a new package come Spring time.

Saw the queen and she’s been busy.  Lots of brood all at different stages. The top deep super was about 60% full mostly with pollen and uncapped honey but there was some capped honey.  Also found brood at the bottom of a lot of the center frames.  There was quite a bit of burr comb and I got rid of most of it but couldn’t bring myself to eliminate all of it.  It would have meant sacrificing quite a bit of brood.  Once the colony is at full strength I’ll clean it up.  I had to unstick the frames from each other and did clean off the tops and bottoms of all frames.  I added a super and will just need to watch it to make sure I get the queen excluder on in time since I know the dear girl does like to climb.

Unimatrix Zero:Brood brood brood – lots of it.  Also a lot of capped honey and pollen.  It’s odd to see how well established this community is seeing as there is always such little activity at the entrance whenever I visit.  I added the honey super here too.  I wasn’t expecting this hive to do this well but after seeing how filled out the deep super was and how much brood there was, it seemed like the right thing to do.

We may see 2013 honey!

Girls reclaiming honey

Girls reclaiming honey

From left to right - Ba-Bee-Lonia, Tardis, Unimatrix Zero

From left to right – Ba-Bee-Lonia, Tardis, Unimatrix Zero