6/29 Hive Check

We did a full hive check today with the 4-H group. The group setup 3 smokers and put on their gear.  We talked about the goals for the hive checks (is ba-bee-lonia going to fail, how well built out are the other hives and clean up and burr comb).
We were also joined by Jakes friend Matthew who was observing.

We opened up ba-bee-lonia and although it was mostly drones and no sign of a laying queen we did see a queen cell.  So we decided to let it go to see what happens.

Tardis (it’s bigger on the inside)This hive looks great we spotted the queen on the 4th frame and the bees are drawing out comb on the deep super and filling it with honey and pollen.  We’ll wait a week and then most likely we’ll add a honey super to it.

Unimatrix ZeroLots of comb and brood.  Everything looks good but we didn’t see the queen and we did spot a queen cell.  This weekend we’ll take a very close look at this hive.  If we don’t see eggs, and the queen cell hasn’t opened we’ll look at ordering a new queen.