5/26 Hive check

Today we decided to add the deep supers to the hive bottoms and give them a little feed to try to egg them on.  Pretty sure if they don’t get building there won’t be a chance of us getting any honey.

Hive #1 -Ba-Bee-Lonia

It still has a lot of drone cells and although we didn’t see the queen I saw a lot of cells with single eggs dropped right in the middle.  We also say a LOT of ants.  We’ll keep an eye on it.

Hive #2 – (Tardis)

This hive is in awesome shape. The brood chamber is about 60% built out.  Spotted the queen on frame 3 doing her royal duty

Hive #3 – (Unimatrix Zero)

This is the hive we started from the nuc.  Looks like it’s going to be big hot mess #2.  When I installed it I saw a hive beetle and wax moth larvae.  More alarming was a single supersedure cell.  I wans’t two worried because a queen was probably introduced to the hive after the split.  But when I opened it today I saw two more so I’m thinking the girls are trying to make a new queen for a reason.  Other than that they are building out quite nicely.

I fed pollen patties to all three hives to try to get them to the top of the deep supers.