Hive #3 the Wisconsin Adventure

I picked up the nucleus hive just outside of Green Bay today.  A nucleus hive or “Nuc” is a mini beehive – queen, drawn comb with honey, pollen and brood and a little over 10,000 bees.  At some point during my 3 hour drive home the Nuc sprang a leak.  So about 20 of the bees were riding up front with me.  I pulled over at the Mars Cheese Castle opened the trunk and taped that sucker back up.  Good times.

When I got home I was in a big hurry and went to grab the nuc out of my car.  When I did I squished a bee with my thumb…  Now I’ve been stung twice.

The pictures below were from the installation process

Nucleus hive

Nucleus Hive on the bottom board waiting for the weather to clear enough to install.


Pulled the middle five frames to make room for the cuc



Girls taking a flight from their new home