Eggs, Larvae, Honey & Pollen

Did a quick hive check with the boys and on our first hive (From this day forward to be known as Ba-bee-lonia) we saw all the best stuff – eggs, larvae un-capped honey and pollen. We started to see drawn out comb starting at frame 2 but wasn’t drawn out enough to be useable until we got to about frame 4.  We didn’t see the queen and stopped when we saw eggs and larvae (it was in the upper 50’s and I wanted to keep it short).

Halfway through the hive check Jake announced in a very calm voice “Dad.. I literally have a bee in my bonnet”.  Sure enough, somehow one of the girls got under his veil.  We stopped everything and gently removed her from her prison.

The larvae were pretty far along so I’m hoping we didn’t get a laying worker from the queen’s absence.  We’ll see if we can determine what’s up when we do a full-on hive check next weekend with the 4-H class.

The newer stronger hive (Jamestown) Had eggs, pollen and honey.  We didn’t see any brood but stopped after we saw the queen and eggs since at that point we knew everything was OK.

I noticed some mold starting to grow above the top feeder of ba-bee-lonia and will address that as soon as it warms up.  Since nectar is starting to flow the bees are not taking a lot of syrup anyway.  Probably time to remove the top feeders anyway.