Queen and Massive Changes

Ok.. so it’s been awhile since I posted but in the last 24 hours crazy stuff has happened on Gordon’s Farm.

The queen we ordered on the 25th never showed up so in seeking advice, the apiary we used for the first package offered us a replacement package with a new queen at wholesale prices. Keep in mind, at this time of year, there are NO bees to be had anywhere. So yea Long Lane!!

No sooner than I agreed and hung up the phone, after 8 days in the mail, our replacement queen arrived alive!! I’m not holding out a lot of hope for the first hive but since she arrived we put her in.

I drove downstate and picked up the new package and installed it in the 2nd hive. So when all is said and done, we may finish the summer with 3 hives instead of two! I’m excited to get the Nuc on the 18th and install it with my 4-H group