Gordon’s Farm

Local Honey Now Available


Pickups are Saturdays

starting July 2020, in Glen Ellyn

When I moved to Lombard (a suburb of Chicago) we were lucky to find a neighborhood tucked away from everything.  We started planting fruit trees, raspberries, blackberries and there were already a few mulberry trees (or are they bushes?).  We started making stuff out of our harvest and were having a blast doing it.  We were able to acquire the vacant lot next to the house (just under 4 acres) and started clearing paths so the kids would have a fun place to play.

It only seemed natural that a place we call Gordon’s farm which now had Gordon’s woods would have livestock!  So I started to keep bees.

photoBeekeeping in Lombard (or any Chicago suburb) is not always an easy thing to get done.  Honey bees are seriously misunderstood and beekeepers are labeled as wacko’s (true in my case). but the fact of the matter is honey bees are seriously cool – beneficial to plants, flowers and gardens and most importantly the honey bee is disappearing at an alarming rate (CCD or Colony Collapse Disorder).

So over the last few months, I’ve read everything I could get my hands on regarding bees and beekeeping, took an AMAZING class at Long Lane Honey Bee Farms from Master Beekeeper David Burns and his wife Sheri and bought all the junk needed for beekeeping.

This site will hopefully be a way I can document the latest adventure in suburban farming.

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